​Chronicle Special Projects aim to inspire new perspectives on death.

Nourish has reached over 45 Million people worldwide. See our press here. 

Nourish is a dinnerware series designed to infuse a sense of mortality into everyday moments. It was made using the ashes of 200 people, each with their own previous lives and stories, distilled into their elemental essence. It’s inspiration to celebrate, share, and live full while reflecting on our very existence. The series is functional dinnerware for daily use.

Photo/Video Credit: STORYMAVEN Media

Photo/Video Credit: STORYMAVEN Media

Photo Credit: Joz Martinez

​Above Photo: Joz Martinez

Photo/Video Credit: STORYMAVEN Media

* Nourish is a special project by Chronicle and is not apart of our regular custom glaze design services. The remains used to create the glaze were purchased thoughtfully and ethically from trusted dealers in human bones.

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