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Nourish is a dinnerware series created to inspire new perspectives on death. The project combines the ashes of over 200 people to create a set of functional dinnerware. The ashes were mixed into a specially formulated ceramic glaze and fired onto the surface of the work, permanently decorating the work. The project concluded with a dinner party using the Nourish designs, documented in an accompanying video.

Using the Chronicle Cremation Design recipe, the ashes were added to a ceramic glaze made up of other natural materials including clay, feldspar, and silica - together designed to melt at a specific temperature. The ashes were sourced from bone dealers, businesses that typically sell to medical professionals and collectors. The identity of people is unknown, they are all anonymous individuals distilled into their elemental essence.

Glazing Nourish with the ashes of hundreds of people abstracts a physical symbol of death. It transforms the typically mundane act of eating or drinking coffee into a moment of introspection, considering our very existence. The glaze was made using the remains of 200 people, each with own previous lives and stories, now distilled into their elemental essence and folded into daily life.

“Experiencing the passing of a loved one at home had a profound impact my outlook. Home is a place that is simultaneously mundane and sacred which helped normalize the idea of death. The Nourish series intends to recreate this experience of confronting mortality in everyday life.

Justin Crowe 

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Photo/Video Credit: STORYMAVEN Media

1,200 x 630 Pixel - 72 dpi - Stills

Photo/Video Credit: STORYMAVEN Media

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Photo/Video Credit: STORYMAVEN Media

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