How do I know I received designs glazed with my loves ones ashes? We take great care in our process and have developed a method in which the ashes barely leave the labeled container you send them in. We guarantee the ashes you send are the same as the glazed designs you get back. If you have more questions about our process please reach out to We are happy to help. 

How do I know how much ash to send? We make the process as easy as possible for you by mailing you an "ashes collection kit." The kit includes a container, instructions, a scoop, labels, and envelope. All you need to do is measure, label, and ship.  

Is the shipping included? During checkout, the shipping for your items will be added to your order. We will send you an "Ashes Collection Kit" free of charge which includes a padded USPS Priority Express envelope and completed mailing label. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the ashes to our studio, typically $20-30. U.S. law requires cremains to be shipped via USPS Priority Express.

Do you ship Internationally? We do ship the finished product Internationally, but we are unable to mail our "ashes collection kit" outside of the United States. This simply means that you will need to mail your ashes to our studio in Santa Fe, NM. 

I would like to write about your products. Do you have a press kit? Yes! You can find it here. Please feel free to reach out with questions. 

Can you turn my pet's ashes in to a glaze? Yes! Dogs, cats, hamsters… any living thing’s ashes can be transformed into our special ash glaze.

What if my ceramic piece breaks? Ceramic is special because it has the ability to last an eternity or break in an instant. We store your glaze for up to 6 months in case you want to order something new or replace a broken item.

Do you do custom design orders? We will sometimes do custom orders based on our resources available to create your vision. To inquire, please email us at

Are your products food safe? Yes! 100%. In fact, you can even put them in the microwave and dishwasher. 

What is your ash glaze recipe? We understand that a core value of the ceramic community is sharing techniques, skills, and recipes. Unfortunately, we’ve worked ver hard to prefect our ash glaze and cannot share it publicly.

How long until the glaze rubs off? The glaze will never rub of because ceramic glaze is a very durable glass coating fired to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit. We are still digging up beautiful glazed pots in China that are thousands of years old.

More Questions? Email us at