Fold the memory of passed loved ones into daily life.

Our designs help keep your memories close. Rather than observing a memory through a cremation urn or a photograph, our designs add an interactive element to remembering. A flickering candle luminary made with the ashes of a loved one is a comforting reminder of presence, a ceramic mug brings company to your morning coffee, and cremation jewelry allows you to carry a subtle reminder of your loved one everywhere you go. 

We offer a selection of home design objects including vases, luminaries, cremation urns, cremation jewelry, and other keepsakes. Each item you choose is coated with your own custom made ceramic glaze.

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Justin CroweChronicle Founder

 Creating objects that tell stories is my passion. The inspiration for Chronicle came following a death which lead to a period of personal growth. Instead of observing an urn or photograph on a shelf, I wanted a way to interact with memories on a daily basis. Our process was born out of a desire to keep those who've lived before us remembered in daily life.