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What Our Customers Say

Diane Stern Santa Fe, NM

​The luminary Chronicle made from my dad's ashes has been a cherished piece. Lighting it is like bringing a little bit of his light back to my home. I'm so grateful for this beautiful piece!

It’s a symbol of a sad portion of my life, but if you get a mug or a plate it becomes a habitual part of your life. So he’s immortalized to a certain degree. I am going to try and bring this mug with me for the rest of my life to keep that reminder and try to honor him. It’s a way of sharing something with him still.

Joz Martinez Santa Fe, NM
KK Chicago, IL

​My beloved dog Lola died 5 years ago and I hadn't found the "right" way to memorialize her.  I'm thrilled with Lola's urn. It's a beautiful object that's on display in my home and I love seeing it!"

How It's Made

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Chronicle Cremation Designs Mug

Inspiring new ideas around memorialization...

"Justin Crowe, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, mixes cremated human ashes into a glaze which he uses to coat bowls, vases, candle holders, and other ceramic items." "... you could perhaps drink a coffee with an aura of grandma..."

"You can now transform your loved one's ashes into pottery. Because graves are apparently going out of fashion."

Lifeware Cremation Jewelry

Our Process

Selection. Choose from our selection of Lifeware memorial objects including cremation jewelry, candle luminaries, cremation urns, and more.

Ash Collection. We'll send you a collection kit to retrieve the exact amount of ashes we need for your order, typically 1 cup for the larger pieces.

* Please note we are unable to send our "ashes collection kit" internationally, but will help you successfully mail your ashes to our studio.

Your Custom Glass Glaze. Once your ashes arrive at our studio, we carefully mix them to a specially formulated ceramic glaze. Your chosen designs are coated with your custom ash-glaze and then fired in a kiln which melts the mixture into a permanent glass. 

Arrival. Because our process is customized and we take great care in our service, it can take up to 30 days from when we receive the ashes at our studio to complete your pieces. We want to make sure everything is perfect. 

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